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Private Noteholders

TXNB purchases seller financed notes, mortgages, deeds of trusts, and contracts secured by residential, commercial, mobile home, and land only properties.  We will pay cash for a single note or entire portfolios.

You'll receive fast, friendly service, and a lump sum of cash for the remaining payments on your real estate investment.  Use the money to payoff debts, invest in another house to rennovate and sell, invest your funds to improve the return on your money, or just keep the cash on hand in case a need should arise.

Question:  How does this work?  How do I sell a note?

TXNB buys owner financed loans for our own account, as well as for pension plans, private individuals, partnerships, and insurance companies, etc.

We handle all details of the purchase, such as obtaining necessary title work and an appraisal.  Our staff is equipped to handle title issues and appraisal problems that may be a problem for other investors.

Once we have completed our due diligence, closing paperwork is prepared and sent to the title company.  Funds are wired directly to the title company so you can pick up your proceeds at the closing.

Question:  What options do I have when selling a note?

We have several programs available to purchase notes.  Which one you choose really just depends on your cash needs and financial goals.

  • Full Purchase of All Remaining Payments. Quite simply, we buy the entire contract, without recourse.  You receive the maximum amount available, right now.
  • Partial Purchase of a Fixed Number of Payments.  We pay cash now for the next five, ten, or any number of years' worth of payments on your contract.  You retain an interest in the note and begin collecting payments again once our interest has ended.  We can also offer split disbursement options to provide future lump sums in case you do not want to collect payments again.
  • Portfolios of Notes.  Receiving payments from several notes?  Our flexibility in the Note business affords us the ability to purchase a variety of note types in portfolios.  Do you have a pool of notes on land, homes, mobile homes (with or without land), or any other group of notes?  Chances are we can buy these notes as a package and spread the cost over the entire pool.  This results in larger returns and more cash in your pocket!

Question:  Will I receive the full principal balance?  Is there a discount?

Although most notes are usually discounted, we do not have a standard or fixed discount rate.  Each note is reviewed and priced on its own merits.  TXNB will even pay your closing costs on seasoned loans after you have received just three payments.

There are NO FEES for title, appraisal, or processing, thus no extra fees or commissions are taken from your proceeds.

Question:  Why should I choose TXNB?

We Close Deals Fast.  We have invested in technology which allows us an almost unfair advantage over our competition.  Our process is smooth, we have the experience to overcome any obstacles encountered, and we get you your money quickly.

We Are Competitive.  We not only have a reputation for speed, but we are also extremely competitive in our pricing.  If you have had an offer from another source, make sure we are the last stop on your list.  You won't be disappointed.

We Care About Your Needs.  Though we have immense buying power through our investors, we are still a small company.  We will take time to assist you through any challenges encountered and answer any questions you have along the way.  We really do care about your business and will do whatever it takes to assure your satisfaction.

Question:  How do I find out exactly what you'll pay for my note?

The quickest way to receive a quote is to complete a Quote Request Form online!

We evaluate each note individually to obtain the best price for our customers.  The amount we pay will be based on the terms of the loan (interest rate, down payment or equity, and term), the property type (single family residence, mobile home and land, land only, or commercial), and your buyer's pay history or credit worthiness.

You'll receive your best offer after we've reviewed the documents with which you sold the property and have sufficient information on your payor to obtain a credit report.

Still have more questions?  Please call 800-446-3690 or email us for a quick response.


We Buy Notes Secured by:

  • Single Family Homes
  • Multi Family Housing
  • Condos
  • Mobile Homes with Land
  • Raw and Improved Land
  • Retail Commercial
  • Light Industrial Commercial
  • Commercial with Corporate Payor
  • Churches
  • Service Stations
  • Non-Performing, Distressed Paper
  • Hard Money Loans
  • Structured Settlements
  • Annuities
  • Lottery Winnings
  • Business Notes (no real estate)
  • Most any type of contractual cash flow..
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