Texas Note Buyer has participated in thousands of note purchase transactions over the last 20+ years. We have experience with originations, inspections, collections, buying, fixing, and selling houses, and bulk REO and NPN (non performing note) purchases. We also know how to tackle problems and can advise you on the Best Terms to Use When Creating a Note, Selling with Seller Financing, Managing Your Note Investment, and many other topics to help you administer or sell a mortgage note.

The articles listed on the left were written to help you, so please feel free to provide us with your feedback on the articles and offer suggestions for additional topics you'd like to see covered.

What We Do

Are you collecting payments?  Why wait years to collect small monthly payments when you can sell mortgage notes you currently hold for the cash you need today?

We are national note buyers seeking Owner Financed Real Estate Notes, Promissory Notes, Deeds of Trusts, Mortgages, Contracts for Deeds, and Land Contracts for our own portfolio, as well as for other private investors, hedge funds, pension plans, and institutional investors.

We pay cash for notes secured by both residential and commercial real estate, notes created from the sale of a business, and most any other type of payment stream.

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